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Sydney Women’s Fund Women’s Work is a four-part documentary series designed to get women thinking about their financial future. Following the life journey of a typical Australian woman, Women’s Work unpacks what stands in the way of financial independence – and what women can do about it.

Episode 01: Women’s Worry

Girls are more likely to suffer from ‘maths anxiety’ than boys. And this has huge ramifications later in life – we’re talking career trajectory, lower pay and confidence in all things finance. But how did we get here and what can we do about it?

Episode 02: Women’s Worth

‘Pink jobs’ like nursing and teaching are in high demand – but still, their pay doesn’t measure up. In fact, most ‘women’s work’ despite high education levels, is valued less than men’s – and that even goes for women who actually have ‘blue jobs’. So, what stands in the way of valuing women’s work – and what can we do about it?

Episode 03: Women’s World

Men are twice as likely to have their flexible leave requests refused than women. And that’s a problem because it means parents get less say about how they want to raise their kids. So, if both men and women want greater freedom – and choices – why hasn’t anything changed?

Episode 04: Women’s Wealth

Today’s younger women are in a much better financial situation than previous generations. Or are they? Research shows that almost a third of Sydney’s women believe if their relationship fell apart, they’d be in financial strife. So, what’s going on and what can we do about it?

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